Q: What are Bog Baits Lures made of?
A: All of our lures are made from a blend of different high quality plastic for just the right balance of strength and action!

Q:What makes Bog Baits lures better than the competition?
A: Our quality is the Best in the Business - all hand poured and hand painted/colored, we have the biggest selection of frog and snake baits on the planet! We also have one of a kind styles and colors that only Bog Baits can Produce!!!

Q: Do you have custom made fish scents available?
A: Yes. We have a custom-made line of fish and frog scent that feature all-natural ingredients, including crawfish oils and fish oils for a scent that is super concentrated and will go a long way. We also Have our all new Frog Juice, an all natural frog scent made from real frogs