Fishing Tips/Pics

I like to rig most of my lures differently than the normal way that most people would. I off set my hooks, I rig a bait sideways so it runs erratic, any way you can change the normal way the bait should run. What this does is make the bait stand out to the predator fish. It looks wounded. We tested several of our lures rigged differently and found almost a 75% increase in strikes and fish caught. That says a lot, so don't be afraid to rig that soft plastic shad sideways or that frog. You just might catch that fish of a lifetime!!!

Also check out our all-new lure weights. Fine tune your soft plastics with these weights to make our frogs, snakes, and other baits run the way you want them to.



Heather Etter - WI northern pike
Heather Etter and a nice WI northern caught on a monster worm!


4# bass
Nice 4# bass on the Bog Frog n Jig


John Franklin - bass
John Franklin with a fat bass on the Frog n Jig!


Bill from Sun Prairie
Bill from Sun Prairie with a hog on a monster worm


Tim from Columbus - northern pike
Tim from Columbus with a nice northern


Heather Etter - bass
Heather Etter again with a Pig (I mean bass)


Frogman With a PIG


John Elmer - largemouth bass
John Elmer with another Nice Largemouth


Keary - winter northern pike
Keary with a nice winter northern on a Bog Frog


#11.14 bass
#11.14 on a glow frog n jig!!!


Elmer - 24-inch largemouth bass
Elmer's 26 inch largemouth on the frog