Great Top Water Frog

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Hi John
Went fishing to Corroboree Billabong on the weekend. Caught some good barramundi on your 3" kicker frog.
The orange one worked well - not sure what colour you call it but we have dubbed it the honey frog. My son Marty caught a beauty. See attached pics.
It works great both on and under the surface
cheers - Dave Krantz
ps - thanks for the extra lures in my last order. The sideways-rigged fish looks (or looked) great.
I rigged it up and tossed it into a school of nervous bait in Darwin Harbour. Soon the line was disappearing off the spool of my 4000 spin reel at a rapid rate.
After a brief chase everything went slack and I never saw the lure or the fish that ate it again!
I think probably a GT though and I was a bit undergunned.