Why Use Frog and Snake Lures?


Frogs and Snakes are probably one of the most natural baits in most bodies of water, second only to the minnow or bait fish. Frogs and Snakes offer an easy dinner for the big fish in any lake since they are not as fast as a fleeing baitfish. They offer an easy meal, and they also trigger the strike mechanism in Big Fish with the leg kicking movement and turning up water on retreat.


Our Frogs and Snakes offer you several options that other Frog and Snake manufacturers don't:

#1 Our Frogs and Snakes can be used as a topwater lure fished weedless over weeds and pads.
#2 They can be rigged Carolina style to get at the deeper bottom dwellers.
#3 Fish them with a weighted hook to target any depth the fish may be holding at.
#4 Our Frogs and Snakes are killer on a jig head or a jig, awesome leg and tail action worked off the rocks or bottom.

With Frogs and Snakes so versatile, everyone needs some as part of their arsenal.
Just take one look at our Frog and Snake Baits and you will see that these are like no other products on the market today.